Home Work 

This page has been formulate to accommodate for those who forgot their home work or missed a class and wishes to acquire the given home work.


Project Essence of knowledge is a class put together by Brother Mustafaa to educate the muslims in New York City. These are free classes that can be attended by any one, both brothers and sisters, who are willing to learn more about their deen. Masjid At-Taqwah hosts these classes with the thought that muslims need to be more aware of what Islam is and why we were created.

Use our Library to download any books that you require. 


Home Work: (ON HOLD )
1. ٍRead, Write and Translate into English lesson 8, page 43, [ ٤٣], No. 1 to 12 in the Madinah Book 1
Also, revise all the verbs we memorized from page 29 to 32 from the Gateway to Arabic Book 1, for the exam next week Saturday ()
2. Speech home work: Do page 7 to 12 from our speech book
3. Next Class Prep: Read the english at the back of the book for Lesson 8 & 9 and use the information and questions on page 13 & 14 to write two (2) paragraphs about Who am I? (مَنْ أَنَا؟).
3. Sundays are communication day with the goal of Arabic Speech, be prepared.

Home work is essential to keep the mind still abreast of the work done in class.


The Elite Qur'anic Memorization program is more specific to the students level in memorization. This Qur'anic program is considered elite not because of the teachers ability to teach but because of the benefit and positive outcomes of the program, Insha Allah. 


Expectation of every student:

       1. Be on time and consistent

       2. Dress in the right attire

       3. Complete their homework

       4. Good behavior while following all rules and regulations

       5. Positive attitude at all times

Home Work: Surah Of The Day (Surah Al Ikhlas)

  1. Memorize the Ayaats given to you in class

  2. Below are links to two documents. 

    • One contains the information covered in class

    • and the other is the home work to be submitted next class.

    Please read the first one and complete the second document for homework.


 May Allah make it easy for us all and increase your bond with Him. 

Jazakallahu Khairan 

Brother Mustafaa



This course has been put together by Brother Mustafaa to educate any none arabic speaking muslim how to read and write. These are free classes for brothers who are willing to learn the arabic language inorder to get closer to Allah. This is course is normally taught for a fee but due to the COVID-19 pandemic all cost is waived. Student are asked to get a quite place where ever they maybe since this class is an interactive class. May Allah grant you success in this life and the next. 

Use our Library to download any books that you require. 

Home Work: 

1. Repeat the pronunciations of the letters taught in class.

2. Practice writing the letters that we did in class. Every letter you write also say the letter aloud. Page 11 to 18

3. Use page 19 to test yourself on all the letters and complete the missing letters on page 20.

Jazakallahu Khairan