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I love Allah for giving another chance to be Muslim. At a young age I took shajadah prayed five times a day for maybe like two years. That's from 8yrs old to 10yrs old wasn't too serious and somehow got sidetracked and stopped praying. Started to believe I was believing in a mystery God and that worship wasn't the way then when I turned around 11 yrs old I got serious and stop eating pork and took shajadah again. Worshipped for a good two to three years and fell off the prayers once again and got locked up and started again to pray. Fell off for years after that and when I was around 34 a brother came into my life and showed me how to pray again and I have been Deening ever since and I've done Ramadan for some years of my life now and I pray ALLAH blesses the brother for getting me on the right track and I pray ALLAH Almighty continues to keep me as a Muslim and enter me into jennatul ferdous. My name is ABDUS SABOOR ZACKARI AMEEN this is the name I choose for myself I am single and pray ALLAH sends me a God fearing spouse. That wants to marry and not date serious about the Deen and wants to share it with someone like me I am 49yrs old and I thank Allah for letting me live so long AMEEN May Allah bless the whole UMMAH and I send blessings and denominations of peace apon the prophet Muhammad salallahu Alahi Wasalaam and may we all get to jennatul ferdous. AMEEN



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